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Transportation Services - Disabled

Bedridden patients, people with special needs, people with movement disorders. If necessary, we offer nursing care during the trip.

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Ltd "MILUR" founded as a company that provides special medical services for people with special needs, after injuries, illness that leads to a serious implications for health, also for a person who needs treatment abroad. Transportation is performed with auto or avio transport. All transportation vechials is supported with everything that is required to transportation in any difficulty (loss weight, medical personal escort, lifting to a flat etc).. Also our company provides assistantce and care services for person who needs it because of age, illness and other reasons. We provide services to solve social problems, consult the difficult situations. 

In our company works qualified personal.

  • doctors
  • nurses
  • paramedics
  • social workers
  • caregivers

Our employees 24/7 provide high quality services